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This page is a translated version of a page Th145/Futo's Endings and the translation is 100% complete.

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――The Divine Spirit Mausoleum.\.

Here lies Miko's dojo,\.

which exists in a separate dimension from Gensokyo.


\c[255,210,255]Futo: "O' Occult Balls,\. granteth me mine wish."


\c[255,210,255]Futo: "...\.

Nothing will occur.\.

Hath I been deceived?"


The balls gave off a faint glow,\. but didn't respond.


\c[255,225,185]Miko: "What are you doing?\.

...ooh, you gathered seven balls?\.

While keeping it a secret from me, I see."


\c[255,210,255]Futo: "Ah,\. that is,\. well...\. T'is true, I hath persevered and gathered them all!"


\c[255,225,185]Miko: "I see.\.

Good work then."\.

\c[255,210,255]Futo: "But telleth me, what doth they be good for?"


\c[255,225,185]Miko: "Well, thanks to you gathering seven of them here,\. I think I've almost figured it out."


\c[255,210,255]Futo: "Such is mine sly prince, as always.\.

Amassing them hath been fruitful then."\.

\c[255,225,185]Miko: "So...\. did they grant your wish?"


Though she had intended to gather them in secret,\. Miko saw right through her with a smirk.


Now she felt deeply ashamed for believing the rumors and gathering the balls.


Judging from Miko's attitude,

it was obvious that the rumors were false.\.

Futo looked at the balls with disappointment.


With this, she thought...\. It'd be a while before she'd find her tenth plate.

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