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From th105 English Static Patch.

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Summer at the Hakurei Shrine.@

 It was the shrine at the eastern border of Gensokyo, but now it's broken down.@
It still serves its purpose as a shrine, but not as a place to live.


The shrine was being rebuilt by the celestial and her divine maidens.@

 When the weather became normal again, the scarlet mist suddenly faded into nothing.@
There was no more danger of earthquakes.


Iku "I can't believe she's used a keystone again..."@

       The shrine looked incredibly small from up in the air.@
Amidst it all was an enormous keystone.


Iku "It's true that keystones will quell earthquakes.@

       However, it has a hidden meaning - as the key to another
great earthquake in the future."


Iku "When the keystone traps the earth's power underground,

       it's also storing it up.@
If you take it out, a massive earthquake will surely happen."


Suika "Oh, wow, really?"@

Iku "... honestly, Tenshi should have explained

       that she's the eldest Hinanawi child."@
Suika "Eldest child? She's like the boss of earthquakes?"


Iku "Yes, something like that... er...@

       I still don't understand why you're here in Heaven, though.@
Suika "This land around here is my land now!"


Iku "Eh?"@

Suika "I threatened that celestial, and she gave it up fair and square."@

Iku "What? So that's what happened."


Iku "That's probably true, and she wouldn't have consulted with anyone.@

       The maidens and other celestials always have their hands full with her."@
Suika "Wahaha, well, drink and get drunk and complain all you want!"


The keystone in the ground was a momentary promise that no earthquakes would happen.

 It also promised that a great earthquake would happen some day.
However, it also ensured one important change for Iku.


Namely, that she would have less work to do for a while. It was nice to have less work, but it also made her a little uneasy.

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