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From th105 English Static Patch.

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Summer at the Hakurei Shrine.@

 Destroyed by an earthquake, it had been repaired by a celestial,
but now it's been destroyed again in a battle between youkai and celestial.


Reimu sulked and demanded they do something about it.@

 That's not an unreasonable thing to say.
The shrine had been destroyed twice in quick succession.


Reimu "And it just got rebuilt..."@

Youmu "Well, now, as long as it gets rebuilt again, all is well."@

Marisa "Eh, last time it was an act of god, but this was an act of man..."


Reimu "Maybe it's bad that it's so easy to destroy the shrine...@

       Hey, I wonder if the keystone is alright."@
Marisa "Keystone?"


Reimu "That celestial gave it to me. It'll prevent earthquakes, or something...@

       Yeah, it looks like it's still okay."@
Sakuya "But... the celestial left that here, then?"


Reimu "Ah!@ But, they say a huge earthquake will happen if you take it out..."


Suika "It's okay! There's nothing to worry about."@

Reimu "Woah! When did you..."@

Suika "I looked into it. That keystone's for real. Don't touch it!"


Reimu "Really?@

       But, what are you doing?"@
Suika "Isn't it obvious? I'm gonna rebuild the shrine."


Reimu "You'll really help?"@

Suika "Yukari asked me to. She said an earth person

       should look after the keystone and rebuild the shrine."@
Reimu "..."


Suika "It'll be a lot faster than when that celestial did it.

       This is what oni are best at. I'll make the tengu help, too!"@
Reimu "... are you trying to do something to my shrine?"


Suika "Who knows?@

       But isn't it better than having a celestial do it?"@
Reimu "What's the difference, really?"


Suika "Well, let's have a party to celebrate the start of construction!"@ Others "Not this again!"


And so the shrine was rebuilt by oni and tengu.

 Reimu wondered if she could trust the oni or the celestials more.
Who knows what they might build into the shrine?


In that case, maybe it would be best to rebuild it every once in a while. She could make a tradition out of transfering the shrine deity.

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