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Translation Syntax

Touhou 10.5 uses the same dialogue syntax for Story Mode, Endings and VS Scripts.

  • Story and VS gives you room for three full lines, as compared to the original two.
  • Endings give you four lines.
  • Key-press pauses can be put anywhere in the text by adding @.
  • You can add more than one text balloon in the same message box, by ending the current one with \ . However, in this case you must end all text balloons in the box with \, or else it will flow over to the next box.
  • You can even end a text box with @, for adding text-pauses in portrait changes, or character actions (like Tenshi crashing down from the sky).
  • There's also color formatting: <color 0000FF>this is blue</color>.


This is text box 1.
This is still text box 1.@
Text box 1 just made a pause.\

Text box 1 is dead.
Long live text box 2.\

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