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- Mission Temple


The Holy which got all the occult balls I was looking for an affordable Buddha statue in the main hall.


C [255, 210, 255] Holy 'Is this OK?' .

 C [255, 225, 185] one wheel "Although all the corners have gathered
Do you seal it? "


C [255, 210, 255] Holy "You can not touch this ball. \nThis is the demon's duty " . C [255, 225, 185] one wheel "I feel like a waste"


I did not struggle to collect all the balls. .

It seems that the ball is picking the owner. .

But things were not simple.


Two people tried to leave under the statue of Buddha

That time. .

I felt a cold wind behind me.


C [255, 225, 185] One wheel "Holy Musou ... this is a monster . C [255, 210, 255] Holy "... .... Buddha statue has disappeared in a blink?"


Buddha statue that put the ball in the gap for a moment is \. It disappeared without a trace.


C [255, 210, 255] Holy "...... This is the devil's place. .

If you had all collected, \.

I was also ah. "


C [255, 225, 185] one wheel "But ... where is the Buddha statue in? You must have disappeared. "


C [255, 210, 255] Holy 'The world of remembrance. \. Should I say even if it is "


The Buddha statue disappeared somewhere on the contrary. .

I did not find a destination to the Holy. .

Even with Holy spirit power, I could not find myself.


However, if you were supposed to be \. I have a feeling that it was a catastrophe.


However, for a while the chill ran to the Holy.

(Did you mean: しかし、しばらくして星に悪寒が走った。)


Holy unknowingly again occluded ball

He had it. .

I thought that this was a troublesome thing in my heart.

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