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From Tohuou 15.5 v1.10

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──Hakurei Shrine.\.

A shrine on the outskirts of east Gensokyo.\.

Today is a festival day.


Nitori: Stop by and take a look.

Anyone can experience Perfect Possession! \.

Marisa: What's this?


Nitori: Perfect Possession requires high levels of concentration. This is difficult for common humans without training.


Nitori: So I, the Kappa,

created a mask where anyone can easily try Perfect Possession.

You can experience that here.


Marisa: Experience Perfect Possession with a mask…?

You analyzed the structure of Perfect Possession……

Kappa technology is scary.


Kokoro: Ok, next person please.\.

Marisa: Oh, you're helping?\.

Kokoro: Well, without me, they can't experience Perfect Possession.


Marisa: What do you mean?\.

Kokoro: For artificial Perfect Possession, the power to control emotions is necessary.

I guess technology isn't that advanced yet


Marisa: Controlling emotions is necessary? I wonder what the relationship is between Perfect Possession and emotions.


The Kappa's Perfect Possession experience was a big hit.\.

It wasn't useful for humans who didn't fight for a living,

but it was enough to arouse their curiosity.


Since most were satisfied with just an experience,

mass production of the mask was postponed.

But it still turned a decent profit.

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