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From th105 English Static Patch.

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Eientei, the Hall of Eternity.@

 An unusual mansion in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost.@
It's built in a very old style, but it's in perfect condition.


Maybe it will never change for all eternity, as the name suggests?@ Or maybe it would be destroyed like the shrine if an earthquake happened?


Reisen "... So, anyway, we probably don't need to worry about earthquakes now."@

Eirin "Good work."@

Reisen "I was wondering, though, what's a keystone?"


The celestial had said she'd installed a keystone at the shrine.@ The keystone was supposed to prevent earthquakes.


Eirin "A keystone is a heavy object made of black granite.@

       Black granite is created by volcanoes...@
Anyway, a keystone is a huge slab of black granite."


Reisen "Huh... "@

Eirin "It's a long, long stone that reaches down into the underground world,

so it acts as a weight to prevent earthquakes."


Eirin "That celestial must be someone special if she can use keystones."@ Reisen "It does look like it would be hard to handle something that huge."


Eirin "Well, huge rocks are one thing.@

       In any case, Heaven was once a keystone stuck in the Earth."@
Reisen "What?"


Eirin "While it's true that keystones prevent earthquakes, if you pull it out it will actually cause a tremendous earthquake."


Eirin "When that keystone was pulled out to create Heaven,

       all creatures on Earth perished."@

Reisen "Master, did you see that happen... ?"@

Eirin "Of course not. This was a very long time ago."


Eirin "A celestial who can put keystones in the Earth...

       She must be a member of the Nawi."@
Reisen "What's that?"


Eirin "The Nawi could control earthquakes, and ruled over the Earth.@

       If they're using keystones again, perhaps they're trying to
regain their influence over the Earth..."


Eirin "We'll have to keep an eye on the situation."@ Reisen "Understood, I'll be sure to watch over her."


The keystone was sunk deep into the earth below the shrine.

 Would it bring peace of mind to Gensokyo,
or would it bring about unease... ?


In any case, at least there wouldn't be any earthquakes for a while. Perhaps the bamboo of the forest had been twisted by a keystone long ago.

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