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――The Abandon Pond.\.

A small pond on the outskirts of the Human Village.\.

Recently, it's been occupied by kappa.


It seems to have been surrounded by a strange mist.


\c[255,210,255]Nitori: "Souvenirs here!\. Hey, how about buying some nice Nessie manjuu as a souvenir?"


The head of a Nessie-like monster

could be seen through the mist of the pond.\.

Whenever it moved, wobbling, voices were raised in awe.


\c[210,180,180]???: "Hey, is this the really real thing?"


\c[255,210,255]Nitori: "Absolutely. It's the genuine article."\.

\c[255,225,185]Marisa: "I see. Makes sense.\.

After all we're in an age, where urban legends are becoming real."


\c[255,210,255]Nitori: "The monster is estimated to be 50 meters long."\.

\c[255,225,185]Marisa: "Hmm, that so...?\.

I didn't even know this pond was that deep."


\c[255,225,185]Marisa: "Still, the fog's too thick. I can't even see a thing."\.

\c[255,210,255]Nitori: "Oh, to my dear old friend

I'm willing to give a special price on our spotlights."


Many of the tourists didn't think the monster was real,\.

but that was actually a good thing.\.

Since few people were scared of it, more were willing to come and see it.


Turning the monster into a tourist attraction was good enough for her.\.

Like this, the kappa was turning her Occult Ball\.

into a ridiculous amount of profit.


But, she had never realized,\.

that she was being haunted by the real Nessie,\.

until the tanuki pointed it out.


Realizing her own inexperience,\. she regretted failing to see that opportunity on her own.

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