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- Keep setting moat \.

It is a small swamp in a remote place. .

Recently Kappa occupies.


Recently there seems to be many foggy strangely.


For c [255, 210, 255] "How about a Nessie bun with souvenirs?"


In the swirl of fog, the head of Nessie seems like a monster

I see it. .

Every time it moved, the voice of admiration rose.


C [210, 180, 180]? What? What? "Hey, is that real?"


For c [255, 210, 255] "Yes, it is genuine authentic" .

 C [255, 225, 185] Marisa "Well, the era when the urban legend becomes real
That's right. I do not know what to do "


For c [255, 210, 255] "It is a monster with an estimated total length of 50 meters" .

 C [255, 225, 185] Marisa "Hmm,. .
Was this swamp so deep? "


C [255, 225, 185] Marisa "However, there are many fogs and it is not understood well \".

For c [255, 210, 255] "Selling portraits to you as well

I am doing it. "


Many tourists were negative to the truth of the monster, but .

I guess that was a blessing. .

There were few fearing people, and the visitors were superior.


The monster served as a tourist resource sufficiently. .

It is stupid to earn Kappa with Occult ball

That is enough.


However, until it is pointed out as a badger .

To the fact that genuine Nessie possessed himself.

I did not notice.


Kappa is keenly aware of his immaturity, . I regretted the opportunity loss.

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