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This page is a translated version of a page Th09/Music and the translation is 100% complete.

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Music titles translation
No. 1 Hana Filmatsuka ~ Higan Retour

Title screen theme.

It is the usual song. Yes. The game itself has become the most stupid in a while for a while, Only this song is as usual.

It may be a bit stupid. Only here is in Gensokyo.

No. 2 Spring color small diameter ~ Colorful Path

It is the theme of Reimu Hakurei.

I created and tried to feel spring and nature. It is pure Japanese style The place which can not be seen is the eastward wind. In the case of I thought that it would be better if I was not tired even when it was a long-term battle, this place Although it restrained to the intensity of the other songs, it is mixed also with other songs too much,

A little adult. Is it Reimu, is it?

No. 3 Oriental dark flight

It is the theme of Marisa Kirisama.

When I wrote it without feeling anything, a bad person came in, so rush I added a challenging rust. In the case of Then, the rust is mixed solely with the fragrance of the Middle East. It was However, due to the nature of the game this time, a high-speed feeling and a floating

I wanted to believe that I wonder whether I left the area properly because I wanted to feel a sense.

No. 4 Flowering Night

It is the theme of Sakuya Sachiwa.

Because Sakuya 's song is only hard at Red Kamikyo, this time a human being I have tried trying to make a song with a blurred face. How about a melody that makes me feel strange incongruity? What is strange, listening thinking that it is oriental style is obviously Oriental style, If you think that it is Western style Western style. If you think that it is childish, it seems like childish, adults

If you think that it is mature. I think so, is it me only?

No. 5 The East demon demon dream ~ Ancient Temple

It is the theme of soul and a yume.

It is not a dream version of Youmori, Arrangiba recorded in lotus northern night It is a region. The air of the cold underworld is transmitted. The other character uses the boss's song, but Yume wants this song more

I decided to do this. Or rather this song is my favorite.

No. 6 Crazy Eye ~ Invisible Full Moon

It is the theme of Suzen, Udongein Inaba.

Adjusted so that a little nostalgic feel is felt from the original song. original There is also the act of a song, is it a bit too intense for this game

Also. What is that serious about? Strong violence.

It is said that the songs of Eiya Nakashino are totally fierce overall, do not they? Because night and time were themes, well I can understand it. This time

Because flowers and stupidity are the themes (different)

No. 7 Adventure of a tomboy lover

It is Cirno's theme.

The old fool ^ H ^ H pretty song became cool. Strangely cool I wonder whether it has become necessary. Although saying it, the melody itself seems to be bad. This song is in the east It is western style, light and intense, girl-like style and has no trouble feeling. This With the touch like Tobu rather than the Oriental style and eastward wind, unknown

I have become a goodwill pattern in my goodwill.

No. 8 Ghost band - Phantom Ensemble

It is the theme of three prismatic river sisters.

This song is more like playing music than original songs I arranged. Also, someday, the solo part of each instrument stands out Where I wanted to make songs of three sister Prism River. Lunasa with the violin, Merlan with the trumpet, with the piano Considering that Lyrica is playing an accordion, the base and the dora

Who's doing it?

No. 9 I can only hear songs already ~ Flower Mix

This is the theme of Mistyre Lorelei, a bird.

It has increased by 30% finesse. Or, it's up tempo like crazy from the middle, but this It is a specification. Mistyre is also floating on the flower. I say that Mistya's songs confuse people, but as long as I listen to this, I guess He seems to be singing hard songs. Sled when you hear such a song

Something is wrong, the semicircular canal also goes crazy. It is a punk youkai.

No. 10 Usa field of Usa

It is the theme of Inaba.

Feeling a bit frustrating and feeling old-fashioned Japan I tried to write to be.

 how is it? Fully quite well, it became a pretty song and this flower

I think that it is becoming a perfect song for Imaji. Actually, neither the sound nor the scale is Japanese, but where is Japan? To say

I can not explain well if it is done, is not something like Japanese?

No. 11 Aeolus girl

It is the theme of Mukyu Marugo.

This is a short version of the song "Toho Bunka Koza". Original song Although it is a long song of about six minutes, this game can not compete for such a long time, It is a loop of only the main part. The appearance that a Tengu girl is playing a trumpet is blowing cool I imagined and composed it.

A world of flying pleasantly. It is the image itself of Flower Mounds.

No. 12 Poison body ~ Forsaken Doll

It is the theme of Medicine · melancholy.

Flower It is the most different song in the movies. A little Western style and dark image I tried to write it. This boss-like song that fucks a strange uplifting feeling, nostalgic arcade game I smell the scent of mu. The sound of the bells at the beginning of the song is somewhat unstable sounds that are going to be crazy

It exudes. Here poison.

No. 13 Gensokyo today - Flower Land

It is the theme of Yuka Kazami.

I'd like to write a song that makes the flower elegance feel like a bright and flowing It was a song that I did not feel like. The main melody is a piano part, but I have composed this song It was a feeling that memories of nostalgia were revived. I thought it was okay to have a longer piano part, but the game

I made the piano a bit shorter because the piano does not fit.

No. 14 Higani leaves ~ Riverside View

It is the theme of Onozuka Komachi.

It is a medium boss's decision not to leave something after good breaks. This In accordance with the provision of that song, I tried to give a sense of touch. In the east, I wrote something strange like this several times in the past, I feel I could write songs with exhilaration and sadness for the first time.

When returning to Higan, it seems that it is not preeminent to imagine this song.

No. 15 The Oriental Trial of the 60th Year - Fate of Sixty Years

It is the theme of Shiki Princess · Yamazanadu.

It is clearly the last song. The last has many melodic songs Characteristics of the East. This time it is said that Japan + plus + the country of cherry blossoms I incorporated Ji. This song where strength and transience live together is the most beautiful cherry tree yet to be seen It is a song for the country.

For this game which is stupid overall, only this song is strong.

No. 16 The mound where the flower is reflected

It is the theme of conversation.

Although arranging the title song, I added a little tension before the game. It may have become even more fantastic. If there is only one problem, I am not nervous before this game game.

Something wrong from the beginning.

No. 17 Mound of this bank

It is the theme 2 of conversation.

Although it is a dialogue song of the last stage, it was not good at the end of the day, the excitement like excitement I also want it because I want it. It is very short and there is nothing to say with this. oh dear,

It is a song that plumps to the east.

No. 18 Flowers as fantasy

It is the ending theme.

How is it? Eastern ending songs are always back The fragrance of the end is getting pungent. Perhaps, clearing the shooting itself, life

It may be a bad end of (no such thing)

No. 19 Soul Flower ~ Another Dream ...

It is a stuff roll song.

I thought about creating a song that is different from usual stuff rolls, I feel regretful but I feel a little regret. Which is more Maybe it should be biased strongly. Well, I guess this is the end of feeling. Saying like a beginning feeling

To mind The song is not bad, is it?

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