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This page is a translated version of a page Th06/Music and the translation is 100% complete.

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Music titles translation
No. 1 A dream more red than red


Title screen theme. Because of Toho, I tried it in a Japanese style. No, really. The game is not like a Japanese style (^ ^; It is a song that I can not think of STG.

In the first place, do you need songs on the title screen (laugh)?

No. 2 Red soul like cheeks


It is the 1st theme. I imagined a night forest. It is one aspect and there is courage to the song I thought that motivation would come out, I aimed for a song that is a little energetic.

Is it feeling brutality or a comical perversity?

No. 3 Yomogami


It is Rumia's theme. Not limited to this song, this time, it has become a light song on the whole. This song imageed the youkai of the night, I wonder if I can say ... (^^;

It seems quite stupidly like a noli.

No. 4 Lunate elves


It is the 2nd aspect theme. I imaged water and fog and mixed it with a little eerie. It can be said that it is almost the same feeling as the image of the east in the past.

Because I do not know well what it is because I say two things (^ ^;

No. 5 Tomboy love girl


It is Cirno's theme. After all, I am imagining a bad head girl. To that extent, finished in a song that you do not know whether it is bright or dark It's nothing. It is a main melody that is moist and high speed.

Well, it's two sides (ぉ

No. 6 Chinese Tea House


It is the 3rd theme. Although it was planned to finish it like a Chinese style, it seems there is not even such a result (^ ^; But the song is Oriental style. I can not make Oriental style songs after the 4th page It was so, I made it here (^ ^;

Is it New Age style rather than Fusion?

No. 7 1884 Shanghai Alice


It is the theme of Misuzu Hong (Hong · Meilin). It mixes the scent of European science with the fragrance of game music. (2: in 8th place) It is around here that there is nothing in china. Shanghai's French Concession Because I am doing it.

Although Misuzu is also not a human being, who is it?

No. 8 Voile magic library


It is a 4 theme theme. From this side is the indoor stage. The song also tried out the atmosphere of the room It was. In the second half, the tune changes so that eeriness comes out from around the middle boss I will. Apart from that, there are no particular features, but for the most part, STG songs

It is not (laugh)

No. 9 Luckgirl ~ Girl secret room


It is the theme of Patchouli Knowledge. Oh, the usual bad illness ... It is a dark song. I felt neither brightness nor lightness though it was intense like this I hope it feels a bit more comfortable, but if you listen to this song it's subtle

I feel like I'm feeling dark (lol)

No. 10 Maid and blood pocket watch


It is the theme of the 5th page It is a mysterious magical song. Trying to get speed Is it because of a special time signature that it is becoming a song that you like? I wanted to lock it, but I do not listen to rock much

Or, the possibility of misunderstanding the thing called rock (^ ^;

No. 11 Month Clock ~ Luna Dial


It is the theme of Sakuya Sayaka (Izayoi · Sakuya). Speaking of maid, hard rock (lie) It's pretty hard. It is said that it is necessary for this degree of intensity to be said that it is 5 faces In the case of After all I wonder if they misunderstood (^ ^;> Rock

With private poetic rock

No. 12 Young descendant of Tepes


It is the theme of the final side. The last side was always moist, so this time it is a light nori

so. It is a short story's short concert song so much self-assertion
I made it a song that I will not let.

No. 13 Septet for the Dead Princess


It is the theme of Remilia · Scarlett. This is the last! I was aiming for a song Iwasaki song. It is such a thing that gives out a heavy thickness or creates a creepy feeling I hate last, so jazz fusion ticks lolly

mix. . . Well, then it will not change much like usual.
This melody is easy to understand by myself and I like it. In the case of

No. 14 Magical girls' centennial festival


It is the theme of the extra stage. Occasionally Chinese style. Occasionally New Age style. Why is that? If you play the keyboard without thinking about anything, this is the case I have gone. It is a song I would like to see the culmination of my inertia. Listen carefully, the mysterious flake

It is packed. It is my toy box.

No. 15 Is U.N. Owen her?


It is the theme of Flandol · Scarlett. It is the most favorite of this time. How to make a demon girl an oriental style And it is the result that challenged whether it can express to mysterious. This melody like loli is the most familiar melody in my work

So, playing the keyboard was fun.

No. 16 Elegant and more fragile than eternal


It is the ending theme. As you can imagine from the song title, something like an arrangement of songs on the title screen

is. Therefore, it is Japanese style.
Or rather, it is Japanese style.

No. 17 Red Tower ~ Eastern Dream...


It is the theme of staff roll. It was always a hopelessly dark song stuff roll, but this time I brightened it hopefully. Maybe. As usual there are few staff, so it can not be a long song. I could have even more spectacular songs, but I was impressed with the room

It became a song. This is not intended (laugh)

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