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Marisa: Huh? Why am I fighting you?\.

Koishi: I can't control my body!\.

Before I knew it, I was paired with the enemy.


Marisa: Paired with the enemy?

Wait, then the one I'm paired with now is...\.

Shion: Heh heh heh. Took you long enough to realize.


Marisa tried to switch places with her slave. But the one who was there was the poverty god, Shion.


Marisa: Gyah! I'm possessed by a poverty god!

It's all over! I'll be ruined!

Shion: The goddess of victory will no longer smile upon you.


The poverty god had possessed Marisa before she could even realize. Her fortune dropped to its minimum as she lost consciousness.


Joon: "That went well! \.

I expected no less from my sister, the legendary gloomy character. \. Anybody possessed by you

loses any chance of winning."


Shion: Sigh... but that means I've got no shot at victory, either.\.

Joon: It's fine as long as I win.\.

Shion: Even the leftovers would be nice...


Joon: I suck the fortune out of whoever I possess...

Shion: And I destroy their chances of winning... Joon: We really are the worst, invincible team. Now then, time to steal some cash from these saps!

Shion: All right! I'll finally get out of poverty!


Tricked by the sudden swap of slaves,

Marisa and Koishi ended up defeating each other by mistake.\.

They never stood a chance.

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